About Us

Your hosts are Helen and John. We brought Chez Les Roux as a holiday home for ourselves after a long search in 2004. In 2006 we came out for a month to repair the garden walls and do some general decoration and just forgot to go back to the UK! The villagers made us exceptionally welcome, our children were enrolled in the local school and have now spent the majority of their life and schooling in France and have been the driving force behind us remaining here.

We have since moved house to the other side of the village and our aim is that each of our guests enjoys their time at Chex les Roux as much as we have. We look forwards to welcoming you all. 

Why did we chose Chez Les Roux?

We purchased the property for many reasons including the ease of access (multiple airports, road and TGV rail connections) and it’s ability to be ‘small enough to be homely, but big enough to enjoy’, but mainly because John like the block-paved driveway and vaulted ceiling!